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You can easily find clay or brass diyas online.

You can easily find clay or brass diyas online.

In Treta Yuga, when Lord Shri Ram returned to Ayodhya after exile of fourteen years, also known as the new moon of Kartik month – Amavasya, which is the darkest night of the year, to welcome Lord Ram, residents of the Ayodha illuminated the entire city by lighting numerous lamps and diyas. Till date, we celebrate the joyfulness of Shri Ram's arrival in Ayodhya by lighting lamps in our homes and neighbourhoods, but why?


Even in the modern era where so many lighting tools are available in the market, we are still so glued and addicted to diyas and lamps. We feel so connected with them due to the religious importance that they hold. Brass or clay diyas attract positive vibes and dispel negativity in your home. Metals like brass act as magnets for positive energy. Do illuminate your homes with clay or brass lamps or diyas. You can easily find clay or brass diyas online. Let's know the importance and usefulness of earthen lamps on Diwali.


Importance of Diya/ lamps on Diwali

Even today, whether we are in the village or the city or the metropolis, you will get to see some, if not all, diyas lit in every house as an omen.


#1. Religious Significance of diyas

The five elements have an important role in Hinduism, and the entire universe has been created by them. Brass or mud diyas are comprised of five elements: water, air, fire, sky, and earth. Due to this, its importance increases immensely. The lamp/diyasignifies the earth and the present, while the oil/ghee burning in it represents the past and the underworld. When we put cotton, candle and light it, that flame represents the sky, heaven, and the future.


#2. Spiritual Significance of Diya

The peace of mind that you get from a clay lamp, you will never be able to achieve through any other kind of light. Diya teaches us how one must be elated from within and how to bring light to the lives of others. Furthermore, Diyas has a deeper meaning. The oil in the diya symbolises the negative thoughts of the human mind, such as greed, envy, hate, lust, etc. The cotton in the diya is symbolic of the soul, or the Atma. When the oil is burnt by the wick, the diya provides illumination. Therefore, the illumination of the diyas means that one should get rid of greedy and materialistic thoughts. This frees us from all kinds of grief, enlightenment, and connects us with God. One must learn to love and serve others unconditionally.


#3. Physical benefits of lamp

Diwali comes at a time when the rainy season has ended and autumn has begun. At such times, the number of insects, mosquitoes, and other poisonous viruses increases in the environment. All these are harmful to our health and give us various types of diseases.

On the day of Diwali, when many earthen lamps are lit with mustard oil or ghee, all these bacteria are destroyed. Therefore, on the day of Diwali, lighting the lamps together in all the houses helps in the destruction of all these insects.


 #4. Economic benefits of clay lamps

 Buy clay or brass lamps rather than buy electric colourful lights/lamps that are made in China. Every year you are requested through social media and other means to buy diyas and lamps that are helpful in the economic growth of the country. Whether your home décor is chic, corporate, contemporary, or traditional, you can quickly find various styles of brass diyas online that will blend well with your home décor.


So ditch the electric lights and switch back to the brass diyas for Diwali. Furthermore, for décor, you can try searching for brass lotus diyas with matching brass diya stands.

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