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Five important days of Deepwali week; Check Diwali Hamper Gifts

Five important days of Deepwali week; Check Diwali Hamper Gifts

Five important days of Deepwali week

Diwali or Deepawali is almost here, and the festive vibes are already on. This holy festival fills everyone with enthusiasm, positivity, happiness, and joy; this is the power of Diwali. This Hindu auspicious festival represents the victory of good over evil, light over darkness. Apart from this, Diwali has mythological importance as well, where many demons' life was brought to death, such as Lord Krishna killing Narkasur, Lord Rama defeating and killing Ravana, and many more. Our religious history has mentions of many such incidents that every time symbolizes and gives a new ray of hope. This makes us learn to live with hope, positivity, dignity, integrity, and love. The festival is all about lights, lamps, diyas, and Diwali hamper gifts. Thinking about what to gift this Diwali? Diwali gifts chocolate and dry fruit gift hampers are something you consider buying.

Diwali celebrations are quite elaborated ones; they extend to five days in number. The festive period initiates with Dhanteras and ends on BhaiDooj. 

The 5-day festival of Diwali begins with Dhanteras. Dhanteras is also called Dhantrayodashi. On this day, Yamraj, the god of death, Kubera, the god of wealth, and AyurvedacharyaDhanvantari are worshipped. It is believed that Lord Dhanvantari appeared in SamudraManthan with AmritKalash with his ornaments and precious gems obtained from SamudraManthan. Since then, this day is named 'Dhanteras', and the tradition of buying utensils, metal, and jewelry started on this day. Also, on this day, it is important to light a lamp outside the lamp house and donate a lamp for the sake of Yamraj.

The second day aka Naraka Chaturdashi, RupaChaudas, and Kali Chaudas. On this day, after killing Narakasura, Lord Krishna honored 16,100 girls by freeing them from Narakasura's prison. A procession of lamps is decorated on this occasion. It is believed taking a bath before sunrise eliminates all sins and sanity can be achieved. 

The third day is called 'Diwali'. This is the main festival. The festival of Diwali is especially the festival of worshiping Maa Lakshmi. On the new moon of the month of Kartik, Maa Lakshmi (goddess of wealth, splendor, opulence, and happiness) appeared from the ocean. Therefore, on this day, lamps are lit to welcome Maa Lakshmi so that the atmosphere is illuminated by the lamps. Another legend conveys that Lord Ramchandra returned home after completing 14 years of exile with MaaSita and his brother Lakshmana. To welcome Shri Ram, the people of Ayodhya lit lamps from house to house and made the whole city festive. Since then, there is a tradition of lighting lamps on Diwali day.

Annakoot or Govardhan Puja takes place on the fourth day. It is also called Padva or Pratipada. Especially on this day, household pets such as bulls, cows, goats, etc. are decorated after giving them a good bath. The idol of Govardhan is made from dung in the yard of the house and after worshiping them, food is offered. It is believed that in the Treta Yuga, when Indradev was angry with the people of Gokul and started torrential rain, Lord Krishna lifted the Govardhan Mountain on his little finger to protect the villagers in the shade of Govardhan. Since then, the tradition of worshiping Govardhan on this day has also been going on.

BhaiDooj is the last day of the five-day Diwali festival. The festival of BhaiDooj is celebrated to strengthen the relationship between brothers and sisters and for the longevity of the brother. On the day of Rakshabandhan, the brother calls his sister to his house, while on BhaiDuj, the sister calls her brother to her house and feeds him with Tilak, and wishes him long life.

So these five days are full of lights, diyas, joy, and happiness. Diwali is all about embellishing homes with lights, diyas, and buying gifts. What are you waiting for? Avail of great offers on Diwali hamper gifts and Diwali gift combos from

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