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Perfect Rakhi for every Brother

Perfect Rakhi for every Brother

Perfect Rakhi for every Brother

5 kinds of brothers we all know. It’s time to cherish this one of a kind bond.

The inextricable sibling bond is the most pious thing in the world. No matter where on the earth you are there is always that one person who has got your back. This Rakshabandhan Craftvatika brings you the most amazing exclusive Rakhi Online to celebrate this festival and bring you a perfect gift.

  • That one Cool brother- We all have this one brother who is every sister’s favourite. He lets you have fun but is equally protective. He showers with all kind of love and pampers you the best. Now is the time to pamper him with the Rakhi hamper. Also he has this best T-shirt collection which you may steal for your wardrobe.
  • The Strict one- After mom and dad he is your other parent or Dad 2. He knows all about you and may even go through your phone. Always keeps a check on you. Your male friends are always petrified of him. You can never think of attending that house party under his nose. Fun fact- this one gets really “cool” once you get married. Only your bhabhi knows how to handle him. Do check gift ideas for bhaiya and bhabhi and keep her on your side. *wink*.
  • The Secretive one- He is one of the weird species of all. He never shares what he’s up to. You never know what’s going on in their life; Chances are they might not ask you the same but still knows all about yours. He will keep you distant. Well he still knows you better than anyone. Confused about what to gift this person? Rakhi hampers are your saviour here.
  • The Annoying one- Probably the most familiar one of them all. He is usually the younger one. Your parent’s favourite and you may hate him the most. He knows all your secrets and may blackmail to get his work done. Jokes around with your friends and is among their favourite. Spoil this younger one just this day with exclusive rakhis till he annoys you to eternity.
  • The Protective one- This one may be younger or elder, but no one can stand a chance of hurting his sister. He may not tell you he loves you, but you probably know. You may end up finding a best friend in this one once you start to share your secret. He is also your guide, your mentor and your 3 am friend. He got your back even if he never says. This rakshabandhan how him some love by gifing him an exclusive hamper.

This rakhi don’t forget to pamper your *Bhabhi.

*Bhabhi (sister in-Law) - She is a person you end up finding elder/younger sister cum best friend in one combo.

“Lumba rakhi” or bhabhi rakhi is made to tie on your sister in law’s wrist. Catching up on the trend Craftvatika brings you a wide range of gift ideas for bhaiya and bhabhi.



Don’t forget she will always be in your crazy team. She is your go to shopping partner and problem solver.

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