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The special bond of love – Rakhi and evidences from history

The special bond of love – Rakhi and evidences from history

The special bond of love – Rakhi and evidences from history

The Rakshabandhan festival is considered to be a symbol of love between brother and sister. This festival is celebrated every year on the full moon day of the Shravan month. On this holy festival of sister and brother, the sister ties Rakhi to her brother as a thread of love. This festival shows the unbreakable bond of love. The meaning of Rakshabandhan is the bond tied for protection. After tying Rakhi, the brother gives money or a gift to his sister with love and promises to always protect his sister.

Even though it only takes a few minutes to tie a Rakhi, the preparations for the day are done well in advance. A brother manages to reach his sister at any time-for the moment where his sister waits on an empty stomach to tie the 'sacred thread'. Rakhis are sent by post or courier to brothers who are fighting for their country on the border.any reason, if a brother cannot meet a sister, the Rakhi gifts for brothers can be sent online these days, so that the tradition of this very pious day can be continued for generations to come.

Every member of the family gets up early for the ritual that begins in the morning. A special thali is prepared for the puja ceremony and is beautifully decorated with 'roli', rice grains, 'diya', sweets, and rakhis. This festival helps siblings realise the importance of growing up together.

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The historic significance is evidenced from incidents like

There is a mention of Rakhi in the BhavishyaPurana. It is said that when the war started between the demons and the gods, the demons were dominating the gods. In such a situation, Lord Indra got nervous and reached out to Lord Brihaspati and told him everything, which Indra's wife Indrani was listening to. She then sanctified the silk thread with the power of mantras and tied it around her husband Indra's wrist.

It is also mentioned in the Mahabharata

Rakshabandhan's strings are also seen connecting with Mahabharata.Actually, when Lord Krishna killed King Shishupala, during this time, blood started flowing from the finger of his left hand. Seeing that, Draupadi ripped a piece of her sari and tied it to Krishna's finger, the bleeding stopped. It is said that from this incident onwards, Krishna made Draupadi his sister.

The thread of Rakhi is considered sacred as it reminds the brother of the promise given to his sister that he will protect her throughout his lifetime. On this occasion, sisters pray for the good health and wellbeing of their brothers and, in return, receive gifts from them.

Importance of RakshaBandhan

The importance of the festival can be gauged from the fact that it strengthens the bond between brother and sister, a defining characteristic of Indian society. RakshaBandhan is a festival dating back to ancient times, and there are many mythological stories that revolve around this custom.

There are many stories in Indian history when it is said that brothers stepped up to protect their sisters during adversity. According to the Hindu calendar, RakshaBandhan is celebrated on the full moon of the month of Sawan. The month of Sawan is considered an auspicious period among Hindus, and Lord Shiva is worshipped every Monday throughout this time. This year, August 11th is the last day of Sawan month.

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