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The powerful impact of Lord Krishna’s statue in home

The powerful impact of Lord Krishna’s statue in home

Having Lord Krishna’s idol placed in a favourable place, besides wiping away all the negative energies, attracts all the positivity and happiness. Everyone aspires to a home filled with love, positivity, prosperity, and happiness. The various forms of Lord Krishna statue are inspiring. Every posture of his is exemplary that brings prosperity, love, and happiness. The placement and the posture of Lord Krishna can bring a significant difference.  There are some points to keep in mind when buying an idol of Lord Krishna. 

  1. Having Radha Krishna statues in the north-east direction fills the house with spontaneity and love. It also promotes faith and trust in a couple. If there are children up to 12 years old in the house, then make sure to put a child Krishna in their room. It is supposed to increase memory and intelligence. Radha-Krishna, i.e., the symbol of love. That is, two such characters that are considered to be the same, not different. The importance of Radha-Krishna's love story has been very deep since ancient times till today. That is the reason why the idol of Radha-Krishna is given as a gift on the occasion of occasional marriages, housewarmings, mundans etc. Placing the Radha Krishna idol can revive love in a couple.
  1. Placing Lord Krishna statue in the east symbolises devotion to God and attachment to nature with faith. Lakshmi's abode remains in the house.
  1. Placing Lord Krishna’s statue in the south-east direction is an indicator of energy. Lord Krishna is the symbol of infinite energy that encompasses the entire universe. This direction is suitable for the kitchen.
  1. Placing Lord Krishna’s idol lifting Govardhana Mountain in the south direction is a symbol of protection. It gives sense of safety and comfortability at home. The risk of any mishap also gets receded. It gives you the power and motivation to fight the problems.
  2. In the south-west direction, place a statue or picture of Krishna in the form of SudarshanChakradhari. This form keeps the family away from all prying eyes and protects us from vengeful powers. God made the deities drink nectar. After drinking nectar, Rahu’s head was separated from his torso by a chakra.
  3. Placing an idol of Lord Dwarkadhish on the west side brings wealth and splendor. Everyone gets support. Happiness grows in the house. This blissful posture removes all the worries and fixes any persisting problems between husband and wife, strengthening the trust and love.
  4.  Placing Lord Krishna's charioteer and the Gita sermon should be set up in the north direction. This direction of knowledge symbolises the planet Mercury and Lord Ganesha. Only with wisdom can we win every battle in life.
Having a Krishna’s statue is a fortunate way to remove any obstacles that are creating problems in your life.  Bring home LadduGopal, if you want to experience the happiness of children. A Statue of Vishnu can be gifted to newlywed couples for their new and happy beginning.

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