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Combination of Laxmi Ganesh Brass Murti & Brass Diya for Puja

Combination of Laxmi Ganesh Brass Murti & Brass Diya for Puja

Lakshmi and Ganesha murtis are two popular Hindu deity statues often worshipped together in Hindu culture. Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity, and fortune. She is usually depicted sitting or standing on a lotus flower, with four arms holding lotus buds, coins, and a pot of gold. Her presence is believed to bring financial abundance and success in all endeavors. Ganesha, on the other hand, is the remover of obstacles and the lord of wisdom and success. He is often depicted with an elephant head, four arms, and a big belly. Ganesha's blessings are sought before starting any new venture, undertaking a new task, or beginning a new phase in life.


Together, the Lakshmi and Ganesha murtis represent the combined blessings of prosperity and success. These murtis are often placed together on a special altar or pedestal in Hindu homes, temples, and places of worship. During religious ceremonies and festivals, the two deities are invoked together for good luck and success in all endeavors.


The Lakshmi Ganesha brass murtis are made from a variety of materials, including clay, brass, and marble. They are often intricately carved and painted, with attention paid to every detail. These murtis are considered sacred and are often decorated with flowers, jewelry, and other offerings during worship and prayer ceremonies.


Why use brass lamps or diya?

  1. Aesthetic appeal: Brass diyas are beautiful and add a traditional touch to any home or religious space.
  2. Spiritual significance: They are believed to purify the environment, promote positive energy, and bring good luck and prosperity.
  3. Illumination: Brass diyas provide a warm and gentle light, making them ideal for creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.
  4. Eco-friendly: Brass diyas are a natural and eco-friendly alternative to electric lights, which can be harmful to the environment.
  5. Therapeutic: The light and scent of the oil used in brass diyas are known to have therapeutic benefits, helping to reduce stress and promote relaxation.


A brass diya is a traditional Indian lamp made from brass metal, commonly used in Hindu and Sikh households for religious purposes. They have been used for centuries in Hindu and Buddhist cultures as a symbol of prosperity, peace, and purity. The diya is usually made of brass or clay, which is lit during prayers and religious ceremonies. They have been used for centuries in Hindu and Buddhist cultures as a symbol of prosperity, peace, and purity.


The brass diya is made from brass sheets, using traditional techniques such as hammering, cutting, and soldering. The diya has a bowl-shaped base to hold the oil, with a wick inserted in the center. The top of the diya is often adorned with intricate designs and carvings, making it a decorative piece as well as a functional one. Brass diyas and brass diya stands are easily available online. The brass material of the diya for puja is believed to purify the surroundings and create a peaceful atmosphere.


Brass diyas are also used for decorative purposes and can be found in various sizes and designs. They are often used as table center pieces and can be placed in corners and alcoves for a warm and inviting atmosphere. Buy brass diyas online and gift them to your loved ones during festive occasions such as Diwali, the festival of lights, which celebrates the victory of good over evil.

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