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Create a life full of harmony with Buddha Statues

Create a life full of harmony with Buddha Statues

Create a life full of harmony with Buddha Statues


Having Buddha’s idol is believed to bring happiness, prosperity and positivity, be it home or office. Besides these, there are many hidden secrets in Buddha’s idol. Many times, people ignorantly decorate the house with the things that transmit negative energy, which makes life chaotic. Setting up Buddha’s idol not only spreads happiness, but the Buddha’s idol with different postures and metals can work wonders for you. If you are looking for Buddha Statues for Sale, you will see there are many types of idols available, for example:-

  • The idol of Buddha in which the right hand is touching the earth and the fingers of the left hand are in a relaxed posture in the lap indicated the message to give up worldly desires. It is meant to heal the inner and outer sickness bringing peace and luck.
  • To maintain peace, Buddha makes a special posture with the thumb and forefinger of the hand. 
  • When the hands of the Buddha statue are on the chest, and the left-hand finger is on the palm of the right hand, it means that always stay motivated and inspired to do something new in life.
  • The hands of Buddha are sitting in the lap, and he is sitting in meditation posture. This state means that Buddha is indicating to do self-realization.
  • Brass Buddha Statue and colourful stones promote peace and harmony.
  • Buddha's vertical position with right hand down, open palms and outstretched fingers convey the message to donate.
  • Buddha gives blessings with one hand in a standing or sitting position, and the other palm is also open in front, fingers spread, in this form Buddha gives the message of being bold. 
  • A statue of Buddha in Raksha Mudra should be set up at the entrance of the house. Raksha Mudra is also where one hand of Lord Buddha remains as a blessing, and the other hand is for protection. 
  • Buddha in praying posture represents devotion and faith. This helps the positive energies to be sync home.
  • The statue of Buddha with a small head can also be placed in a reclining posture. This keeps you focused while studying, which increases your chances of success. 
  • The reclining or sleeping pose of Buddha encourages people to seek internal harmony.

There are different ways you can place scared Buddha Idols For Home Décor such as follows:-

  • The statue of Lord Buddha on the main door should be placed on a beautiful stand about three to four feet above the ground. 
  • In the living room of the house, a statue of Buddha leaning to the right should be placed. 
  • Place the idol in such a way, that the face of Lord is towards the west. You can put it on a table etc. This will create an atmosphere of peace and happiness in your home. 
  • The statue of Mahatma Buddha kept in the temple of the house helps to meditate during worship. 
  • In the children's room, the Buddha statue should be placed on their table facing east. 
  • The Buddha statue with meditating posture can be placed in a clean place in the garden. This makes you calm while strolling or meditating in the garden.


You can buy Buddha idol online to attract positivity and experience an increased level of harmony and peace.

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